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    Tier 1 Requirements Checklist
Here is a brief list of prerequisites that need to be fulfilled so we can establish a long term business relationship.
Fully executed Tier 1 Agreement
Certificate of Insurance  (ACORD Form)
Certificate of Good Standing
Completed W-9
Copy of your latest IRS 940/941
    Accepted Candidate Classifications
Each client is different making their eligibility requirements for positions different as well.  For the most part the classifications shown below are acceptable in most cases.
U.S. Citizens
H-1Bs (must provide sponsorship)
Corp.-to-Corp. Consultants
Green Cards
    Standard Order of Operations
One of the most asked questions is how does the candidate submittal process work?
Client sends new position to the HR Dept.
We broadcast the position to our Tier 1s.
Receive and review candidate resumes.
Perform screen interviews.
Schedule a 2nd interview if necessary.
Submit our top 3 candidates to the client.
Wait 2-4 weeks for client feedback.
If hired your candidate will be orientated
  and onboarded ASAP.
    Keys to landing in the Top 3
With years of client relationship building we have come to realize what unwritten factors lead to the hire of a candidate above other company's candidates.
Hold an active Security Clearance.
Possess some form of I.T. Certification.
Ask for a realistic salary or hourly bill rate.
Have a clean background check.
Send us a professional looking resume.
Provide 3 valid Supervisor references
Exceed the Task Order skill requirements.
Submitting local candidates is preferred.
Insert a quick summary as to why you
  are the perfect fit for this position.
    Teaming Agreement Opportunities
The best part of being in business is to not only achieve your goals but to help others see their dreams materialize as well.
  Under a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) two or more GSA Schedule Contractors can work together by simply complementing each other's capabilities to offer a total solution to meet an ordering activity's requirement.  
  Contractor Team Arrangements provide a "win-win" situation for both GSA Schedule contractors and the ordering activities.  
  Should the need to team with MLI ever arises simply e-mail our Contracting Officer with the core Statement of Work details.  We would welcome the opportunity and after careful review we can then decide on how to proceed.  
   Multiple Tier 1 Subcontractor Opportunities are Available
The main ingredients to a mutually prosperous and successful business relationship begins with the meticulous selection of our Tier 1 Subcontractors.
By expecting nothing but the absolute best from our I.T. counterparts means they successfully passed our thorough screening process. Companies must accumulate a minimum score of 85 points out of a possible 100 to satisfy the mandatory eligibility requirements.
If your company happens to possess the 5 key ranking factors shown above then we cordially invite you to come foster a business relationship with us.
   Tier 1 Subcontractors  (National)
Tier 1 Subcontractors typically have a national presence with offices in most major U.S. cities and can offer a full range of skillsets from both civilian and DoD Security Cleared individuals.
   Tier 1 Subcontractors  (Exclusive Regionals)
Exclusive Tier 1 Subcontractors possess a strong presence in a designated geographical region. For those firms with such a strong dominating database of local candidates within a specific city or state then we invite your participation.
   Corp.-to-Corp. Consultants  (C2C and 1099)
In some cases an extremely specialized skillset is required by the client. When a position like this reaches our HR Dept. we request the skills of an independent contractor or consultant to satisfy the need of our clients.
   Full-Time Employee Conversions  (FTE)
From time to time, we may need the assistance of our Tier 1 Subcontractors to provide us with candidates who are willing to work as contractors for 3 to 6 months and then convert over as a Full-Time Employee to our client with full benefits and excellent pay.
   Referral Fees
We offer a hefty $1,000 Referral Fee for all of our positions if your candidate is hired by the client. The payout of this Referral Fee isn't made payable until after the first 90 days of their employment.
   Deactivation of Tier 1 Subcontractors  (Suspension & Termination)
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any Tier 1 Subcontractor relationship at any given time.  In an effort to avoid such an event we have included Addendum #1 as part of our newly revised Tier 1 Agreement.   Please read it carefully and strictly enforce the policies set therein on your candidates as well. 

In order for us to function at absolute effectiveness and efficiency requires a conscience team effort committed to doing superb business and capturing new and repeat business in the process.

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